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Funding Opportunities

Follow on Fund for Impact and Engagement - Commercialisation Highlight Call


Arts and humanities research makes an enormous contribution to the life of the nation, tapping into a long tradition of engagement with key ideas that have shaped the contemporary world.  Section 7 (Public Good and Power of Knowledge) of AHRC’s new strategy ‘The Human World:  arts and humanities in our times’ pledges amongst other things to:

  • build on the success of the follow-on funding scheme, capitalising on the commercial potential of the excellent research that underpins these projects

This forms the underpinning rationale for this highlight call.


The AHRC FOF Commercialisation highlight call is designed to encourage entrepreneurial researchers from across the UK, find successful routes to market and develop the exploitation and commercialisation aspects of their previously funded research.

Funds awarded under this call will support the successful translation of arts and humanities research ideas, outcomes and outputs into products and services that benefit the UK economy and society.   This could include service, lifestyle or social enterprise models, joint ventures with industry, copyright and licensing agreements or preparation for the development or creation of a spin-out company.

 We expect you to work with potential partners, industry and tech transfer/KE offices to develop commercial ideas and concepts to further your research impact.

Please note that this is open to unforeseen opportunities that have emerged within current research projects as well as those that have completed a successful project.​

Closing Dates


​4pm on 31st October 2013

Projects must start by the 31st January 2014

How to make an application

For eligibility criteria please consult the Follow on Fund for Impact and Engagement scheme. Applications should be submitted via JeS.

Prior to submission you should discuss your application with your Business Gateway or Knowledge Exchange office or equivalent. Your application should include a summary of those discussions within the letter of support from your Business Gateway Office (or equivalent).

When submitting please indicate that you are applying to the Highlight Call by prefixing the title with ‘HC’ and stating ‘Highlight call’ at the beginning of your case for support.​

Further Information

Ellie Ricketts-Jones, Knowledge Exchange Coordinator

e.ricketts-jones@ahrc.ac.uk or 01793 41 6027

Robert Keegan, Knowledge Exchange Portfolio Manager

r.keegan@ahrc.ac.uk or 01793 41 6043​