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Funding Opportunities

International Placement Scheme: Library of Congress


Enhance your research with a fellowship of up to six months at the largest library in the world.

Exciting opportunities exist for early career researchers, research assistants and AHRC/ESRC*-funded PhD students to undertake three to six month research fellowships at the Library of Congress (LoC), as part of the International Placement Scheme (opens in new window).

Due to the vast breadth and depth of their collections, the LoC is not limited to those researching American Studies. With 12,000 new items added daily to over 158 million items in 470 languages, on 838 miles of bookshelves, researchers in all fields are sure to find relevant materials.

About the Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the USA's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It is also the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections.

International Placement Scheme (IPS) fellows will be based at the John W Kluge Center (opens in a new window), within the LoC. The Kluge Center occupies inspirational study and meeting spaces in the Library's magnificent Jefferson Building, for international scholars with a shared interest in exploiting the LoC’s extensive collections.

LoC encourages potential IPS applicants to search its Library of Congress collection catalogue (opens in a new window) or use its ‘Ask a Librarian' feature (opens in new window).

The Library of Congress would particularly welcome IPS applications that make use of its Motion Picture and Recorded Sound collection as well as its foreign language materials. Projects related to Digital Humanities would also be particularly welcome.  

About the International Placement Scheme

The annual International Placement Scheme provides funded research fellowships at world-leading international research institutions for early career researchers, research assistants and AHRC/ESRC*-funded PhD students. From 2015, IPS fellowships are available at:

* ESRC candidates are eligible to apply to LoC, but not the other IPS institutions.

IPS Library of Congress Privileges 

IPS fellowships at LoC are for three to six months. For this round, IPS LoC fellowships may be taken from 1st October 2015 and must be completed by 30th September 2016.

IPS LoC fellows receive £600 towards their travel, their visa costs paid, plus a monthly allowance of £1200 (in addition to their normal stipend paid as part of any existing AHRC/ESRC award).

IPS LoC fellows will have an individual office space, with a PC, free printing etc. where books are delivered to them, as well as access to LoC’s collections, resources, facilities, curators and other scholars.

IPS fellows at LOC are part of a cohort of international fellows (opens in a new window), with opportunities to take part in conferences, symposia, special lectures, as well as present work to peers and mentors, and the opportunity to network and forge international contacts and collaborations.

Closing Dates


16.00 on Thursday 15/01/2015

Outcomes for IPS applications to the Library of Congress will be emailed to candidates and their RO by 1st July 2015.

How to make an application

Candidates MUST ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria as outlined on the main IPS webpage.

Applications MUST be made online via the RCUK Je-S system (opens in a new window). sample version of the application form is available, for information only (Word 82KB, opens in new window). Detailed instructions on how to apply via Je-S are published in the 'LoC Library IPS Application Guidance' below.

Applicants MUST consult the ‘Library of Congress IPS Application Guidance’ (PDF 565KB, opens in new window). This guidance contains detailed information on eligibility, privileges, application administration and how to apply.

Applicants are strongly advised to discuss their application with LoC to ensure that the fellowship duration they request is appropriate, and that the materials they wish to consult will be available. Collections contacts are available on the Library of Congress website (opens in a new window).

The AHRC cannot accept applications directly from students: the application may not be in the student’s name and the student’s RO must submit the application on their student’s behalf. Student applicants should therefore contact their RO prior to applying to check their internal submission process. Please see the above 'LoC IPS Application Guidance' for further details.

Further Information

IPS Showcases

The AHRC and ESRC hosted two events to showcase IPS opportunities on 4th (opens in a new window) and 7th (opens in a new window) November 2014.

Twitter Chat

On 18th November 2014, the AHRC and four IPS Fellows held a Twitter Chat to discuss the International Placement Scheme. Read a summary of the chat (opens in a new window) or you can follow the chat in full on Twitter using #AHRCIPS (opens in a new window).

On the 11th December 2013 we held a Twitter Chat discussing the International Placement Scheme. The AHRC as well as three IPS Fellows were on hand to answer your questions. Read a summary of the Twitter chat (opens in  new window)​.  

LoC Alumni Presentations

Jen Morgan (opens in a new window), PhD student, University of Salford, 2012/13 AHRC LoC Fellow

Gemma Mitchell (opens in a new window), PhD student, University of Strathclyde, 2011/12 AHRC LoC Fellow

Peter West-Oram (opens in a new window), PhD student, University of Birmingham, 2011/12 AHRC LoC Fellow

Dr Bohdan Piasecki (opens in a new window), PhD student, University of Warwick, 2008 AHRC LoC Fellow

Past IPS LoC Fellowship Awards

2014 Library of Congress Scholarship awards (PDF 1.09MB) (opens in a new window)

2013 Library of Congress Scholarship awards (PDF 135KB) (opens in a new window)

2012 Library of Congress Scholarship awards (PDF 85KB) (opens in a new window)

2011 Library of Congress Scholarship awards (PDF 150KB) (opens in a new window)

2010 Library of Congress Scholarship awards (PDF 160KB) (opens in a new window)

2009 Library of Congress Scholarship awards (PDF 120KB) (opens in a new window)

2008 Library of Congress Scholarship awards (PDF 100KB) (opens in a new window)


​If you have any queries not answered by the scheme guidance documents, please contact Allie Brown at the AHRC on ips@ahrc.ac.uk or telephone 01793 416074.