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Current award holders

Full details of the terms and conditions of your award are detailed in the following documents:

Research Organisations should familiarise themselves with all of these documents.

It is now the responsibility of research organisations to process any changes or suspensions to funded studentships and to approve any applications for study and conference visits. Where changes are agreed, for example suspensions, the Research Organisation (RO) must update the Student Details Portal (SDP) accordingly. Students should contact their research organisation, rather than the AHRC regarding any issues or questions about their funding or award.

University staff with queries regarding AHRC studentship funding, should speak to the relevant University authorities in the first instance, if they are unable to help, refer these to UK SBS (opens in new window).

AHRC Postgraduate Coordinators' Forum

The AHRC have established a JISCmail list as a discussion forum for staff involved in administering AHRC studentships. For more information visit the AHRC Postgraduate Coordinators' Forum webpage.

AHRC Student News JISCmail List

The AHRC have established a JISCmail list as a forum for sharing information with all holders of AHRC studentship awards. For more information visit the AHRC Student News JISCMail list webpage.


Maintenance rate and fees

Disabled Students Allowance (DSA)

The process is now harmonised across the Research Councils. Please read the guidance on the RCUK website (opens in a new website). Requests for DSA must first be discussed with the Disability Officer at your institution.

Please note that if you are a funded student and you change your address, it is your responsibility to update your details via the Je-S system. If you require any assistance with this, you should contact the Je-S helpdesk, either by email at JeSHelp@rcuk.ac.uk or by telephone +44 (0) 1793444164. 

Research Training Framework 

In 2004, the AHRC introduced a framework of research training requirements for its doctoral award holders. The framework was updated again in December 2011 to reflect recent changes.  

Success rates

Find out about the success rates for schemes in our competition statistics section