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Research for Community Heritage

An AHRC publication to publicise the Research for Community Heritage initiative is now available for download (PDF 1.69MB, opens in new window) A print copy can be requested by emailing communications@ahrc.ac.uk

HLF ‘All Our Stories’ Initiative​

The Connected Communities Programme is working in collaboration with the Heritage Lottery Fund’s “All Our Stories” Programme and the BBC’s “The Great British Story – A People’s History” (presented by Michael Wood) to support community-led community heritage research projects.  An AHRC call in autumn 2011 invited proposals for enhancing outreach and engagement between research groups in the arts and humanities, and community groups and organisations interested in exploring their local histories and heritage. Twenty-one research groups, involving over 200 researchers from 25 universities and other research organisations, plus many other collaborating cultural organisations, are working closely with the Heritage Lottery Fund, to catalyse and develop sustainable links between expertise in research organisations in the area of community histories and heritage and relevant community groups. The National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) is helping to co-ordinate and support these research outreach and engagement activities.  It is expected that this will lead to the development of innovative collaborative or co-produced community heritage research projects led by community groups. The HLF is currently inviting applications under “All Our Stories” from community groups for grants of between £3,000 and £10,000 with a closing date of 31 July 2012; outcomes will be announced in October 2012. A further round of the AHRC initiative later in 2012 after the community grants are announced will provide an opportunity for the research groups to pursue some of the most promising opportunities for enhanced research collaborations with these community heritage projects.

Further details of the 21 research groups being supported under the first phase of the initiative can be found on the NCCPE webpages (opens in a new window).

The AHRC press release on the initiative can be found on our press pages.


Under phase 2 of the Research for Community Heritage initiative 18 research groups have been awarded AHRC funding to continue to work with and support community groups who were successful in gaining HLF awards under the ‘All Our Stories’ initiative. Further details of the 18 research groups being supported under the second phase of the initiative can be found below:

In addition to continuing support for the HLF ‘All Our Stories’ initiative, 11 Research groups have been funded by the AHRC to undertake development work in the area of community co-design and co-production of Community Heritage Research. Further details of the 11 Research for Community Heritage Development Awards can be found below: