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Design in Action Chiasma 1

Event Date: 26/02/2013
Event Location: Citizen M Glasgow

AHRC Knowledge Exchange Hub Design in Action Chiasma 1: Wellbeing.  February 26-28th 2013

Diabetes affects over 3.8 million people in the UK whilst a further 1 million are estimated to remain undiagnosed. 9% of all NHS expenditure - approx. £13.75 million - is spent on people living with diabetes and this is only set to rise if care levels aren't improved in both medical centres and at home.
The AHRC-funded Knowledge Exchange Hub called Design in Action are looking for SMEs, academics, designers and users who can offer their time, thoughts and personality to a 3-day 'Chiasma' event being held in Glasgow's Citizen M from 26-28th February 2013. The purpose of the Chiasma is to work together to create truly innovative ideas to assist those living with diabetes to self-manage their care. This could work towards improving their overall wellbeing whilst also reducing the burden on health professionals and the NHS as a whole.
This is an exciting opportunity which will allow you to build your network, experience design as an innovation process and pitch in teams for funding of up to £20,000 to bring your idea to market.
For further information - or to submit an application - please visit the website http://designinaction.com/ (opens in a new window) or email enquiries@designinaction.com.