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Wikipedian in Residence



 Wikipedian in Residence


Audio slide show transcription (PDF 64 KB, opens in a new window).

The first port of call for many of us when looking for information is Wikipedia. For that reason there is also an increasing recognition that the academic world should embrace this source of knowledge and help feed into the process. In April 2012 Andrew Gray was appointed Wikipedian in Residence at the British Library, a one year post funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

In this podcast we hear from Andrew Gray about his experiences as Wikipedia in Residence, as well as from researchers, Elizabeth Smith and Susan Whitfield who have been engaging with twitter.

To find out more about Wikipedia and read a case study about Susan Whitfield’s research,’

The International Dunhuang Project based at the British Library’ please click in the following link:

The International Dunhuang Project.


Running Time: 7mins   File Size: 49.25mb