How to request permission

The copying and use of the AHRC logo or the Research Councils UK logo is not permitted without prior approval in writing. Please email communications@ahrc.ac.uk or telephone 01793 41 6000.

Please tell us who you are, the organisation you represent (if any), and how and why you wish to use the logo. Please include your name, address, telephone number, and email address.

How to use the logo

The AHRC's logo must be used consistently across all of our corporate materials as this helps to improve recognition of our brand. Professional designers are expected to apply these guidelines and use the logo in a clear and consistent fashion. The instructions below are for AHRC-funded students, researchers, and centres. If you are going to use the AHRC's logo, please familiarise yourself with these guidelines.

Summary Guidance

  • Wherever possible use the colour logo on a light plain background.
  • Only use the reverse logo on plain dark backgrounds.
  • Never overlay the logo onto a patterned or montaged background.
  • Do not adjust the aspect ratio or colour of the logo.
  • For printed publication use an EPS version; for web use GIF file format.
  • Do not place logo on over complicated backgrounds or colours which weaken its legibility.
  • Do not use logo as a repeat pattern, create additional borders or outlines.

This is the full colour master logo. Where space and output method permits, it is used in preference to the other variants.

Logo fonts

The AHRC logo uses Bliss font. EPS file formats can/will be supplied with text as paths. Do not alter the font face, font size, or font relationships

Exclusion zone

Care should be taken to give the logo a clear space on all sides, so that it does not become lost amongst other logos or graphics.


On a website, the smallest size to be used is 175 by 42 pixels. For the stacked version, the smallest size to be used is 100 by 107 pixels.

Relationship with other logos and branding

Where more than one logo is applied, make sure that they are equally spaced and sized either all in colour or in black and white. We suggest, that where multiple logos are required (to indicate multi-agency support), they are placed together with equal emphasis on the bottom of the page. When using the logo on your publications or website, please add a line such as “xxxxx is supported by" or "xxxxx is funded by" before the AHRC logo, simply to ensure that the reader is aware of the reason for our presence.

We also ask that, where appropriate, a description of the AHRC is provided to explain our function and our presence in your marketing or PR material. See the section on ‘strap lines’ for further details.

For Publications and printed materials

Where possible please use the full colour logo print in all printed materials. Colours are given as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black) percentage values:

  • Dark Blue: C 80%, M 60%, Y 0%, K 59%
  • Light Blue: C 40%, M 30%, Y 0%, K 29%
  • Green: C 13%, M 0%, Y 60%, K 32%
  • Gold: C 0%, M 33%, Y 100%, K 0%
  • Grey (type): C 0%, M 0%, Y29%, K 76%

If print is in black and white, the grey scale variant should be used. Colours given as percentages/tints of Black Background: 100%

  • Tint 1: 70%
  • Tint 2: 50%
  • Tint 3: 20%
  • Type: 100%

Reversed out - There are reversed out CMYK and Grey scale versions available on request.

Stacked version

The stacked version of the logo is to be used only where space permit the use of the horizontal master version. Colours are as above.

For Websites

Please use the full colour logo on all websites. The colours are given as RGB (Red, Green, Blue) screen values:

  • Dark Blue: R 11, G 37, B 62
  • Light Blue: R 77, G 95, B 125
  • Green: R 139, G 138, B 76
  • Gold: R 255, G 149, B 6
  • Grey (type): R 69, G 63, B 51

Reversed out - There are reversed out CMYK and Grey scale versions available on request.