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Care for the Future

07-Aug-2014 - Care for the Future: Thinking Forward through the Past’ affords an opportunity for researchers in the arts and humanities to generate new novel understandings of the relationship between the past and the future, and the challenges and opportunities of the present through a temporally-inflected lens.

British Black and Asian Shakespeare

13-May-2013 - Showcase of the project British Black and Asian Shakespeare, looking at multicultural Shakespearean performance in 20th-century Britain.

Care for the Future Outlines

16-Apr-2015 - Care for the Future Outlines panel which met in November 2013.

Corporate policies

18-Sep-2014 - Information about the AHRC's corporate policies.

Research Grants Panel A: History, Thought, Systems of Belief - June 2013

16-Apr-2015 - Research Grants Panel A: History, Thought, Systems of Belief which met in June 2013.

Film marks the launch of the AHRC's 'Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the Creative Economy'

03-Jul-2012 - AHRC has formally launched its new four year initiative, 'Knowledge Exchange Hubs for the Creative Economy'.

Digital Transformations Amplification Awards

17-Apr-2015 - Digital Transformations Amplification Awards panel which met in March 2014.

Culture, Conflict and Post-Conflict: An International Symposium

18-May-2015 - This event will bring together invited international speakers and expert researchers working in the UK.

Rethinking the Senses on BBC Radio 4

11-Feb-2014 - Professor Colin Blakemore appeared on BBC Radio 4, Start the Week, on Monday 10th February to discuss his AHRC Large Grant 'Rethinking the Senses'