Subject Coverage

With a responsibility to fund cutting-edge and innovative research in the arts and humanities, the AHRC oversees an extensive and diverse range of subject disciplines. From history to literature, design to dance, linguistics to archaeology, AHRC’s subject domain encompasses a remarkable range of disciplines that increasingly intersect and overlap with interdisciplinary research addressing a wide spectrum of social, economic, medical, and scientific themes. In such an environment, it is essential for applicants to ensure that projects submitted to the AHRC fall within its subject domain. In essence this means that applications must demonstrate that they are arts and humanities led, and that a majority of the methodologies, research questions and outputs fall within the AHRC’s subject remit.

Further details of the AHRC’s Subject Coverage and list of primary research areas can be found our remit page and the AHRC Research Funding Guide (PDF, 1MB).

If you are unsure as to whether your project falls within AHRC’s remit, please complete the Remit Query Form below before submitting a full application.

AHRC’s Remit Team aims to turn around remit queries within two weeks, however for interdisciplinary projects involving the remits of other Councils, this may take slightly longer.

Where applications include elements that extend into other Research Councils’ remits, the AHRC will adhere to the guidance set out in the RCUK’s Cross Council Funding Agreement.

Please note that the AHRC retains the right to determine its own remit, and to decide which projects are eligible or ineligible for AHRC funding.